Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition
Response to “Services And Vibrant Economy’s” Mailing to the Public Titled
The Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition (UPEC) strongly objects to Services And Vibrant Economy’s (SAVE) mailing to the public which misrepresents UPEC’s position on Renewable Energy System’s (RES)’s proposed Summit Lake wind energy project.
SAVE’s paper quotes the first two sentences of UPEC’s position paper on the proposed project, out of a 2 ½ page paper. Rather than seeking the truth, as urged by their title, this selective quotation avoids mentioning the opinion of UPEC on the wind project, and is a blatant attempt to manipulate public opinion in advance of the referendum vote scheduled for May 7th on changes to L’Anse Township’s zoning ordinance.

The two sentences in UPEC’s position that follow SAVE’s selective quote state: “However, there are many well-documented environmental, social, and human health impacts from wind energy plants, depending on where projects are sited and how they are operated.UPEC believes the construction of a large industrial wind energy plant in the Huron Mountains would have large-scale, significant, long-lasting negative impacts to the natural environment, and to the local economy and well-being of the citizens of the Upper Peninsula.” 

“Fact 1” of SAVE’s missive also quotes the Audubon Society’s support for properly sited wind power. Those key words, “properly sited”, express the bottom line of UPEC’s position. Wind energy projects are appropriate in some locations, but siting such a project in the Huron Mountains would have devastating impacts to the natural and human environment, and it should not be allowed.
Finally, UPEC demands full disclosure of the connections of SAVE. What organizations and/or companies are affiliated with SAVE? Who is funding them? Why the secrecy? What does the organization fear by being transparent?

Note: On April 19th 2019, RES announced they were “no longer pursuing the Summit Lake Wind Project, a proposed 130 MW wind farm in L’Anse Township”. A statement from RES cited “continued delays in the planning process” which “ceased to make the project financially and logistically viable.” The May 7th referendum vote on changes to L’Anse Township’s zoning ordinance will be held as planned; all residents are urged to vote on this important issue.
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Contact: Dave Harmon, Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition  (906) 201-1949