Danish Article: Ild i vindmølle og ejendom i Sørvad, by Frederikke Dammark, 1. jan 2019

  Foto: Vagn Gejl Donskov

January 2nd, 2019 | Jesper Berggreen | cleantechnica.com

Since New Years Eve, it’s been quite windy in Denmark, and of the +6000 wind turbines in the country one of them apparently had to succumb to the pressure after many years of service. TV2 TVMV.dk reports (with video) that the turbine caught fire on Tuesday afternoon, and that the fire subsequently spread to a farm below. Nobody lives on the farm, but it is still in use for livestock and between 30 and 40 bull calves were in the buildings.

“The turbine stands where just below there is a two-sided farm with these bull calves. The wings have fallen into the building, and the barn has caught fire, which we have tried to control,” says Lars Stensbjerg, who is the leader of Fire and Rescue MidtVest.

Lucky for the bull calves the wind had a direction keeping them out of harm’s way. They are all being rescued.

According to Vestas press officer Anders Riis, it’s an old turbine. “When the fire has stopped, we will initiate a study of what may be the cause of the fire,” he said to TV2 TVMV.dk.

via https://cleantechnica.com/2019/01/02/vestas-turbine-catches-fire-in-danish-new-year-storm