Letter: Engineer opposes wind turbines

Nov 12, 2018 | Barry K. Miller, Hinsdale| oleantimesherald.com

As a mechanical engineer with 15 years experience in wind energy, I oppose installation of industrial wind power in Western New York, specifically the Farmersville proposed Invenergy wind farm.
Wind turbines exert large disturbances into the fluid conditions of the air, like a boat wake extending downwind, many rotor diameters, from the turbines.

There is violence involved with wind power. The speed of the blade tips is approximately 160 mph. The reality of a runaway wind turbine is a terrifying spectacle I have witnessed; we do not need this.

You won’t receive accurate data on runaway wind turbine instances or close calls. Evacuations are mandatory for a wind turbine runaway, but there might not be time to evacuate. Fire departments need extensive training in transformer fires (due to the nature of the dirty electricity generating components) and nacelle fires at 500 foot levels.

EMT personnel will need aerial rescue training and equipment for workers stranded up there. Will our taxes rise to pay for this?

Who can guarantee that the windfarm developers will accurately divulge the true tip speeds of these machines, that they will not operate with ice on the blades (a dangerous condition), that they will not operate over their power rating?

Who will monitor the power lines for potentially harmful harmonics (third and fifth order) on their lines, which are connected to our homes?

To the people of Cattaraugus County, including the Farmersville Town Board: Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

Barry K. Miller, Hinsdale

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