Time to start exposing the deception we have kept quiet so far, hoping instead to keep the focus on providing researched information (yes, we do check authors of both for and against material)
This is a man who wrote a letter to the local paper in favor of the turbine project. What he didn’t disclose was the hundreds of thousands he has gotten from coal-gas energy companies to research biomass. Including $77,107 from Plum Creek now Weyerhaeuser. (Scroll down to sponsored research)

Robert E. Froese, Associate Professor, SFRES
Director, Ford Center and Forest

Froese, R.E. and L.M. Nagel. Effects of biomass harvest on forest productivity. Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc., 2010-2014, $77,107 Listed as Active


The letter we wrote to the Sentinel in July re RES’s paid ad featuring Dr. Froese: