Wind Industry makes promises they do not keep. Learn from the mistakes of other communities. Do not rely on the company when they say roads will be better nor rely on any of their studies that say the roads will handle the loads.

RES project where they had to fight to get damaged roads fixed.

December 24, 2017
Construction on the Hog Creek Wind Farm project has led to several roads being damaged in the northern part of the county.
RES didn’t agree with the county and were on “different ends of the spectrum” regarding damage to roads.
It took so long for the county to come to an agreement with RES that it was too late to repair roads enough to plow snow this past winter.

“They’ve agreed just to give the county a cash settlement, and we would be in charge of making the repairs.” Said Underwood.


Original: Kolt Buchenroth | WKTN Radio |