Several Issues have been reported on from wind industrial construction.
The sales pitch from RES or other wind industry is that they leave the roads as good or better.
What is Better? When or who determines as good.

This is a good example of issues with roads:
Roads are impassable by many cars, can not be plowed because of large rocks.
Reply from construction was that the roads were just dirt before they are improved they are better now because they are widened and have gravel.
… To the residents a dirt road that they could plow and travel was better.

One of the issues is that contractors from other geographic areas, do not understand the soil and unique attributes of an area. This is evidenced by the Construction Managers remarks:  “Soils up here are like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Morris said.

Arkwright seeks solutions for Brainard, Miller roads problems

APR 7, 2018

Ziemba added that there are still efforts to mitigate the roadway’s drivability and he checks on it daily.

EDP Renewables’ Morris was shocked at how the rocks were absorbed and impacted in the Western New York soil.

“Soils up here are like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Morris said.

Cardot stressed that placing rocks down in this area isn’t enough. Though it is a temporary solution, he hinted that the wind company should find a better top surface once the project is done.

“The roads are going to need a lot more put into it to get it back to where it was, as far as a drivable road,” Cardot said. “… Not with a stone. … How are you going to plow it? That alone tells me you know that you will have to put a lot of gravel back on top of that road. Right?”

Ingalls reiterated that there is a security payment to fix it once the project is done.

Arkwright Town Board, April 9, 2018

Shown is one of many situations that will arise without adequate, written laws/agreements protecting communities from wind companies. Proper wind ordinances, contracts, agreements IN WRITING are the only way to defend a town from predatory wind corporations whose goal is to make money. This adversarial business arrangement will last 20 years.

“I’m not going to put any more money on that road”, the senior construction manager for EDPR (Arkwright Summit Wind) told the Arkwright town board April 9, 2018 after the board expressed concerns about the maintenance of roads used by the heavy wind construction equipment in Arkwright.