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Cold Weather

December 2017, Best Practices for Wind Farm Icing and Cold Climate Health and Safety. Wind Energy Operations and Maintenance . Canadian Wind Energy Association
This best practice guide outlines practices and procedures to assist with the safe operation and maintenance of wind power generation facilities in cold climates.

3 November 2010, Cold comfort for wind power developers. Diane Bailey,
An icy climate can have a major impact on the performance and economics of a wind power project, even in areas with favourable wind conditions. Diane Bailey reports on how Canadian researchers are working to enable the industry to overcome the problem.

Ice Throw

February 15, 2017, Icethrow from wind turbines  Assessment and risk management IEA Wind Task 19, Winterwind 2017, Rolv Erlend Bredesen, Kjeller Vindteknikk AS

Johannes Klappacher, Energiewerkstatt, 30th of August 2016

Click to access IEA-TASK-19_Presentation.pdf

DECEMBER 9, 2008,Ice-Tossing Turbines: Myth or Hazard? KATE GALBRAITH.

25 Dec 2017. Evaluating risk caused by ice throw from wind turbines. Lloyd’s Register
Review of the Phenomenon of Ice Shedding from Wind Turbine Blades,
H. Xue*, H. Khawaja, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, UiT The Arctic
University of Norway, Norway, Int. Jnl. of Multiphysics Volume 10 · Number 3.

February 8, 2012. Ice throw studies. René Cattin. Gütsch and St. Brais

Understanding and acknowledging the ice throw hazard – consequences for regulatory frameworks, risk perception and risk communication
R. E. Bredesen et al 2017 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 926 012001

WIND TURBINE ICE THROW STUDIES IN THE SWISS ALPS, Cattin, René & Kunz, Stefan & Heimo, Alain & Russi, Gabriela & Russi, Markus & Tiefgraber, Michael

September 2009.  Four years of monitoring a wind turbine under icing conditions.  Cattin René, Russi Markus, Russi Gabriela.  Bern, Switzerland

Report on Potential Ice Throw by Siemens 2.3-113 Wind Turbines
John Harrison, Research Director, Association to Protect Amherst Island.
This report models ice throw from turbine blades with specific application to the
Siemens 2.3-113 turbine proposed for Amherst Island. This has a hub height of 99.5 m
and a blade length of 56.5 m. The blade rotation frequency is 13 rpm.
Modelling of Ice Throws from Wind Turbines. Joakim Renström. Uppsala University. 2015

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