Local Government, Documents and Meeting Minutes

L’Anse Township Board Minutes. L’anse Township Planning Commision Minutes L’Anse Township Documents: L’ANSE TOWNSHIP ZONING ORDINANCE L’Anse Township Zoning amendment, May 19, 2016, Adopted by the L’Anse Township Board on August 10, 2016 NOTICE OF ADOPTION: An Ordinance to Amend the Township Zoning Ordinance Regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems Zoning Map L‘ANSE TOWNSHIP MASTER PLAN 2012

Planning Commision Meeting Minutes, Documents

PDF of Planning Commission Minutes. For 8-19-2018 and 10-3-2018. Includes, 9/19/2018 Meeting. 9/27/2018 Public hearing, 10/3/2018 Meeting. L'Anse Township Planning Commission Bylaws.